Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Days After the Revelry...

I think i should say Happy New Year here. It was happy indeed, wild and unhinged, the IC was swinging and so were its inhabitants... Needless to say Everyone got laid a couple times over, and then some.

I think the dream lord will be keeping his mouth shut now, I do know how to throw a party after all, and Jane and My freinds are... well lets just say they are better then Porno... ask the witch when she comes back tomorrow.

Thats right, Your lovely Marsh is outta hereCome tomorrow. Janey and i arenow on deadline, s well as about 8 other works the bitch and the lovely audra are working on, so We are being called back. I think I will be back in March, a March Marsh.... hehe... say that three times fast.

So if you havent read GLAMOUR yet your missing a lot. Its getting amazing reviews, and you owe it to yourself to see what happens with janey and i in beging when i take her to a back alley slave auction... YEP... you KNOW you want to...

And Ask the Dream lord what went on... no i didnt play for the other team, im no switch hitter, but there was a wild amount of shit going on....


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A few days.... Just a few days...

Yep. Book two will be out. Janey is quite excited, the damn vampire is quite pleased with himself, and Im just chillin. Its got good reivews so far,so im not worried, apparently, the public loves us. As well they should.

So Christmas with Jane was... Well it waslike it usually is, tedious, but these days we got more people then ever to deal with. So im looking forward to new years... Im throwing a party here at the IC... Hey Caleb... Astrid said you were down with an orgy... just wait till you get a load of our freinds....


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcome in bro

Astrid wasn't that bad, but she is a prick teaser. I thought for sure she'd give it up. Not even a BJ. I must be losing my touch. No problem, I haunt the fuck out of her dreams. That will fix her tight little ass.

Anyway, enough about the bitches. Marsh, the brothers dominate and rule this castle. Let me introduce my mate, Lana. The finest piece of ass this side of the heaven. Me, I am the Dream Lord, so don't fuck with me, if you get my drift.

The girls tell me you are one fucking freak. Just how freaky are you? I swing both ways, and I love a nice hot, tight ass. Up for some fun, bro?

Your Dream Lord, Caleb.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Witch leaves....

And im here to entertain you lovely people. Fuckers all. I need an oulet for my normal caustic attitude. So here i am, Djinn extrodinare, master of all destinies. Right and if you believe that i got a bridge i can sell you you dumb fuck.

Im just a man, same as you i just happened to have met Jesus. Trust me, The lovely Audra was smart when she said she would slap him had she met him. So The girls are about half way through my next book, and its a doozy. its already longer then Glamour, which incidentally comes out on the 31st. Buy it. Its damn good, and you get to meet that fuck Malcolm Frost, the girl's ONLY vampire.

So im here... bring on the sluts.

Time for me to go....

Yep its about that time.. But done worry... The Damn Djinn is on his way in... So i had fun... and ill be back...

And Caleb... Ill be back with Fallon for new years... Orgy sound good to you? LOL

See you all after the holidays...


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It is about fucking time...

Well, I just heard from Skylar and she has recontracted my book, Dream Lord, and the rest of The Tome of Unnatural Desires series. I have a whole new beginning, which by the way, I fucking love and a few more added scenes to fill in any gaps. Not that I needed it, but Skylar is the boss when it comes to my story, so I let her play the big shot.

You know, for an older broad, she looks pretty damn good. Hey luscious, how about a blowjob for all time's sake? Game? Willing? Can Lana watch?

Caleb, your Dream Lord.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ooh! Someone got it!

So i just got a review forwarded to me from Stella. Im surprised Marsh even let her. Well this review is fantastic! Sheryl at Ecata reviews Sugar and Sin and it just went up on the site! she gave it 4.5 Stars! out of five! WOoo Yeah! heres what she had to say:

Sugar and Sin by Stella and Audra Price is not your typical romantic story of heroes and heroines falling in love, sure they have that but there is so much more to experience. These characters don’t play the normal romantic fools and their world is not an “A” typical world. These people are paranormals mainly demons and they will do whatever they have to do to get the job done. I’m not usually a fan of demons and badass characters but these ones just kept me enthralled in their spell. I loved them all, all had one thing in common, what’s in it for me but a majority of them also where thinking what can I do to make my friends and loved ones happy. Fallon and Astrid, along with all their friends left me feeling like I’d spent time watching a movie I couldn’t help but watch, and I know that when I came to the last page I was hanging for the next installment of this series. As authors Stella and Audra Price have written a fabulous beginning to their Eververse series. Their characters tempt, tease and enthrall, and if that doesn’t work they’ll just kidnap you and take you along for the ride anyway. I can’t wait for to read what else will happen in the rest of this series because you know it will only get better and better.

My god. She got us. She really got what the story was about. Im singing over here im so excited! You can read the full review HERE

So today is starting off really well! Now to see about getting Fallon over to celebrate... *giggle*


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quiet about here isnt it?

Well, I have been quiet recently... but Ill bring you up to speed.

Marsh still holds Stella and Audra captive. Yeah i know. Hes a jerk. But i hear this book is a pertial departue from what hes usually about and theres actually FEELINGS involved. i wasnt aware Marsh had a soul. Eh go figure.

Sugar is doing well, though we are still waiting on reviews to come in. Sigh. Im still not sure why Stella sent out advance reviews if they didnt get them in advance. But well just have to wait for them i guess.

The Holidays are coming so Ill be leaving the Castle soon to get the mansion set up for X mas eve.Feyd and I cook that day, and we have alot of peopleover for dinner, not to mention the 25 is special for all of us, and no not because of the saviors birth. I dont think anyone is christan enough in my household to care. Its special though, and Cash and Faris have a gord old time then.

So like i said before,i think Mrsh will be popping into IC to hangout when hes not torturing Stella, though I will be back in Feb. Ill need some down time before i Start helping to promote the book in print.